TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Development Of A Low-Cost Pulse Oximeter

Basma Binte Azma, Mohidul Hasan Rahad, Nowroz Bin Nasim


Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive sensor that measures the blood's oxygen saturation using light at particular wavelengths (most commonly the fingernail bed). The pulse oximeter uses a unique algorithm to analyze the absorbed light and display a saturation value. Hemoglobin with and without oxygen absorbs light at various wavelengths (660 nm and 940 nm, respectively). It is used in emergency rooms, hospital wards, and ambulances to measure blood oxygenation in patients with respiratory issues or to monitor the respiratory depressant effects of pain medications. It is a standard monitor for all anesthetic casesin most industrialized nations. This project aims to create a pulse oximeter without requiring specialized sensors, using only essential electronic components