TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Blockchain In Human Resource Management System

Md. Mijanur Rahman, Md. Fahad Mollik, Mahmudul Hasan, Moriom Akter
Depertment of Computer Science and Engineering , Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


The use of modern technology brings lots of advantages to our lifestyle. Blockchain technology is one of them. It could be used in every sector including health, education, finance, and human resources (HR). With the help of blockchain technology, HR could become more efficient. A blockchain is a complex and secure distributed ledger system that stores data in blocks, along with other information such as timestamps and hash values, and interconnects each block. By using blockchain technology, many problems can be solved. Since the conception of blockchain technology, many fields such as healthcare, education, and business have been transformed, and human resource management (HRM) is one of them. However, there are some gaps in this area, which are addressed in this research. Hiring employees is an important role in human resources (HR) and hiring the right candidate is challenging. To hire the right candidate for the right position, understanding the performance appraisals of their previous organization is a great method to make a better judgment about them. HR departments often need to know performance reviews from a candidate's previous organization, which is not as easy or reliable to get in the traditional way. A performance appraisal is a systematic way to review or evaluate an employee's performance in an organization. In this paper, a blockchain-based performance appraisal system will be used to check the organizational performance of an employee of their previous organization. This system will be trustworthy, secure, and anonymous for the HR of an organization.

Keywords: Blockchain, Ethereum, Human Resource Management, Solidity, Smart Contracts, Smart Recruitment System, Performance Check