RNI No : WBENG/2017/77591

ISSN No : 2582-371X

Frequency : Annually

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TIU Transaction on Inteligent Computing

RSSI Based Indoor Human Activity Recognition System

Mayumi Mukherjee; Asit B. Bhattacharya

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Techno India University, West Bengal, Salt lake, Kolkata 700091, India


Being a good reflector, the human body can be recognized with the variation of radio signal. In this work we would show how this can be possible by a sequence of methods. First, we create a wireless sensor network (WSN) in a closed surface area and then we monitor the variation of the signal in that surface in presence of human being. In addition we monitor the radio signal also for the gesture movement. The variations are recorded by received signal strength indicator (RSSI). We then develop another human activity recognition system using radar and compare the accuracy for the two adopted systems. Some interesting results have reported in the paper.

Keywords- RSSI; WSN; human body; gesture activity recognition

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